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Global Community Works is a philanthropic non-profit organization that is dedicated to making a big difference in the lives of people in the poorest communities all over the world, with small community-directed grants.


Results Oriented

GCW works with community leaders that have the innovative ideas, passion and commitment to implement smart, sustainable solutions.

Trust & Empowerment

We trust the local community leaders to identify the best solutions for their communities.  Then we empower them to get it done by providing the resources needed.

Fiscally Direct

Our funds (and your donation) go directly to the projects – not to administrators or overhead expenses.


Our relationships with inspired individuals and non-profits benefit the communities we serve by referring project opportunities, participating in matching grants and sharing best practices.



Economic Empowerment

Global Community Works partners with communities to enable economic empowerment and alleviate poverty by financing the innovative ideas of the people who live there.

Sustainable Solutions

GCW looks for projects that are smart, sustainable economic solutions.  The projects we fund enable members of a community to obtain the knowledge, skills or tools to make a living and support their family.


Micro-                Giving

Our role is to provide small, one-time grants to our partners to get their projects started.  100% of your donation goes to our partner communities.

Sponsored Projects
Here are a few examples of some of the types of projects we have sponsored:
Amaranth Project

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Materials for water system on chicken farm, Guatemala
  • Training villagers on native Amaranth crop business, Guatemala
  • Training and materials for alternative water pump system, Indonesia




    • Vocational training for teachers, Nicaragua
    • Tuition, materials and transportation for nursing students, Guatemala
    • Carpentry tools and training, Belize

Micro Credit

      • Micro-lending to impoverished women in India